You CAN Afford Coral Springs AC Service

Coral Springs AC Service Experts Help You Save More Money

The time has come. It has never been more affordable for a homeowner to upgrade their HVAC system. This is especially true because President Obama extended the tax credits available to Coral Springs AC service customers through the end of 2013. This means that if you have been thinking about upgrading your older unit, you can now save hundreds of dollars off the process. This is in addition to Coral Springs Air Conditioning’s already low prices on air conditioning repair install, and services!

Coral Springs AC Service

Coral Springs AC Service

Heat pumps are the largest beneficiaries of the extended credits. A heat pump is already more efficient than a traditional furnace set-up. For this reason, the Government wants to see more homes install them. Heat pumps also don’t need as much regular Coral Springs AC service throughout their years. This is because they don’t use Freon. Freon production has been being shut down, and will cease to become a viable refrigerant within a couple of years. With the purchase and installation of a new geothermal heat pump, Coral Springs AC service customers can a tax credit of up to 30% of the entire process, as long as it recognized as an Energy Star appliance.

Credits Available For Many Coral Springs AC Service Appliances

Even more exciting, you can still take advantage of hundreds of dollars in tax credits on more than just heat pumps. Qualifying central AC systems, furnaces, and water heaters will also help you save. ALL of the appliances in question meet certain criteria that makes them extremely energy efficient. This means, once you’ve claimed your tax credit, your monthly electric bills will also lower! Coral Springs Air Conditioning has established relationships over the years with many of the top HVAC distributors in South Florida. We have the experience to help advise you on which unit meets the specifications, and works best for your home. Contact us 24/7 to speak to a representative who can help explain the process to you in further detail!