If one part of my AC breaks should I change the part or the whole system

If one part of my AC breaks should I change the part or the whole systemUnfortunately no central air conditioning system will last forever. We all wish that they would last year after year and never need any maintenance or repair but that is not the case. Eventually something will break or malfunction and you have a decision to make, will your repair it or replace it. Many people automatically just jump to making a repair, and in many cases that is the best route. However, at times it is more cost effective to simply replace the entire unit.

Here are a few things to consider about your current air conditioning unit to determine if it is worth fixing or if you should consider installing a new unit.

Age of the AC

How old is your air conditioning system? Most AC units will have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. If your unit is already older than that you may want to consider that it is time to replace it. Sure, you may be able to buy a few more years with it, but you will soon have more problems and it will need more repairs.

Repair Cost

How much will the repair cost? Once you have a licensed technician inspect your system they will be able to give you an estimate of how much it will cost to repair your unit. If it is relatively inexpensive to fix then go for it. However, you may find that it only costs a little bit more to replace the entire unit.

Is Your Current Unit Energy Efficient

Most new units are very energy efficient and many of them are rated by Energy Star. If your old unit is not very efficient then now may be a good time to upgrade. Although it will require some upfront expense you will soon see the savings in your electricity bill.

Repair History

It is important to review how many repairs have been made on your system so far. You may find that you are betting off to just purchase a new system rather than sinking money into your old one. Over the years parts will fail, and it may be wisest to get a new unit before something major happens.

Warranty Information

If your system is newer and is still under warranty then a repair is probably going to be the most cost effective. A qualified HVAC technician can help you through the process of submitting a warranty claim. If the company is paying for the repair then your decision should be pretty easy.